The New SAT

  • Time Allotted: 80 minutes
  • Total Questions: 58
  • Calculator portion: 38 questions, 55 minutes (about 1:30 minutes per question)
  • No-Calculator portion: 20 questions, 25 minutes (1:15 minutes per question)

Heart of Algebra

These skills focus on linear equations, their graphs, and their applications.

 There will be 19 questions (33%) in real SAT.

Passport to Advanced Math

These build on the skills from Heart of algebra by applying them to other function types.

 There will be 16 questions (28%) in real SAT.

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

These skills focus on real-world problems that involve concepts like proportions, units, and statistical analysis.

 There will be 17 questions (29%) in real SAT.

Additional Topics in Math

These skills cover a variety of concepts, including geometry, trigonometry, and complex numbers.

 There will be 6 questions (10%) in real SAT.

SAT Leadership

Mutee ur Rehman Khan 9380
Mutee ur Rehman 6080
Muhammad Saim Riaz 4555
amna noor 4370
muhammad sarang 3565
Abdul Rafay 3440
Ali 2925
rubina saleem 2585
wajahat afridi 2510
Muhammad Ahmed Khan Marwat 2435

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